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About Us

tag cloud transCongregation Or Ami is a dynamic, sacred community (kehillah kedoshah) located on the Southside of Richmond, Virginia which welcomes people of all backgrounds who seek spiritual fulfillment and engagement grounded in principles of the Reform Jewish Movement.

  • We welcome all who are interested in joining our community.

  • We were raised in different Jewish denominations and we were raised without affiliation.

  • We were raised in other faith communities and we were raised without religious participation.

  • We have chosen Judaism and we have chosen Jewish loved ones.

  • We are single, married, divorced, and widowed, adopted, in interfaith and interracial relationships.

  • We are all ages, abilities, and orientations. We are together now in one congregation, one extended family.

  • We offer support in times of need, joy in times of celebration, and at all times trust, friendship and community.

Visit these pages to learn about our many programs, but visit in person to experience our Jewish spirit.