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Gather all the people together.  ~Deuteronomy 31:12

Why Pray?

Spiritual Discipline. Most of us go through the day without consciously experiencing G-d’s presence. Prayer helps to develop and maintain a spiritual sense. Focusing regularly on our sacred encounters helps us to notice them as they occur.

Meditation. Most of us live at a very rapid pace. We welcome the opportunity to slow down and remember what has deeper meaning beyond our daily routines.

Group Connection. If we are not careful, it is easy to become isolated. Even if we interact frequently with others, our daily lives rarely afford many opportunities to let our guard down and express what is really important to us. It is a real treat to be connected to a group, all of whose members are seeking together.

Celebration. For many of us, few experiences transport us as powerfully as group singing. We may be grateful for a life passage, or for the blossoming of flowers in spring, but without our prayer communities, we might never sing about it.

Group Support. Life is unfortunately filled with disappointment, illness, and tragedy. Social scientists now tell us what we already knew: that recovery from family discord, depression, and even physical illness is enhanced when we experience the support of a caring group. Praying for a sick person is efficacious even if you don’t believe that G-d intercedes supernaturally. Our prayers do have power.

Prayer at Or Ami

Shabbat and holiday worship at Or Ami is a joyful, uplifting, spiritual gathering of our community. Our services are filled with music and opportunities for personal soulful and theological connections.

Or Ami uses prayerbooks of our own design, reflecting our approach to Jewish tradition and a love of innovation and creativity. Members and non-members alike are always welcome at all of our worship services and Torah Study classes.

Tefillah (prayer) in our community is designed to touch the heart, mind and spirit as we draw closer to one another in the bonds of a sacred community. Or Am was founded by Jews from an eclectic group of backgrounds and our worship style is nonjudgmental and inclusive. Shabbat at Or Ami is the perfect antidote to the pressures of a busy week. We invite you to come and add your voice to ours.