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Emergency Closure Procedures

For Congregational Events (Shabbat Services, Torah Study, Sunday School, Seder, etc.) & Special Committee Events (Game Night, Trivia Night, etc.)

  1. A decision will be made no less than 2 hour before the event is to take place.
  2. Once a decision has been made to cancel the event, it will not be reversed.
  3. A back-up date for major events such as the Seder will be established in advance.
  4. Special Committee chairs will set up back-up dates in advance, to the extent possible.

A message to close will be announced in one or more of these ways:

  1. On the front of the Or Ami website
  2. On Facebook
  3. Through a voice message on the Or Ami office phone
  4. On NBC 12

Congregants will be informed of these procedures through the Weekly Update.