Jewish Holidays

  • Torah ReadingReading Torah during the High Holidays @ Or Ami

    It is a longstanding tradition at Or Ami for Torah Readings and accompanying aliyot during Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur to be given to parents and children or siblings. Sometimes the parent reads Torah and the child listens, but more often the child reads Torah while the parent listens, but it’s always a heartwarming experience.

    Our children learn to read and chant Torah as art of our religious school program and our community beleives that partnering with a parent or sibling to read Torah is a great way to solidify a child’s identity as a Jew.

    L’dor v’dor! From Generation to generation!

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  • Rosh HashanahRosh Hashanah Family Services @ Or Ami

    While we have a tradition of hosting open “ticketless” High Holy Day services for the community at the Weinstein JCC, we go back to our house for Rosh Hashanah Familiy Services and Taschlich.

    Interactive stories, guitar-led services and of course apples, honey, and sticky hands are all part of this unique familiy-oriented approach to welcoming Rosh Hashanah.

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  • SukkotSukkot @ Or AmiWe believe that the sukkah is a temporary dwelling mean for more than just dinner.

    Our sukkah gives us temporary extra square footage for our Religious School and a unique learning opportunity.

    Our sukkah is a place for our Jewish Meditation group to sit, breathe, and listen to a symphony of crickets and contemplate the impermanence of all things while sitting in this most impermanent of structures.

    Our sukkah is a community gathering place for Shabbat worship and potluck dinners.

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  • Simchat TorahSimchat Torah @ Or Ami

    Or Ami celebrates our joy of Torah by rolling out the Torah for the entire community to hold while listening to lively tunes played by our resident klezmer band, Klezm’Or’Ami’m. Once they start playing the hakafot become a chance to dance and rejoice!

    One the processions are complete, we read Deuteronomy 34:12 and Genesis 1:1, then Rabbi Ahuva takes the kids on a “Torah Tour” and shows them all of uniqueness of the Torah.

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  • HanukkahChanukah @ Or Ami

    Our sanctuary shines every year at Chanukah. On the Shabbat during Chanukah we have a community potluck dinner with a twist. In addition to a dish, families bring in their favorite  menorah and candles. We light our family menorot as a community before a special Chanukah service.

    Parents like it when this potluck happens early in Chanukah to avoid the fire hazzard. The children (and those who are young at heart) love it when we have to light all nine candles. A fire extinguisher sits just to the right of the picture.

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  • PassoverPassover @ Or Ami

    Every year we hold a Model Seder during Sunday Religious School and a Potluck Community seder. Our Community Seder is extremely family-friendly and attracts between 150 and 200 people. 

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