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The Power of Music at Or Ami

Music is a language of its own and its impact on the mind, the heart, the soul and the body exceeds and complements the richness of words.  

Music as Community Building

Throughout the history of the world, music has functioned to bring people together, and to bind them in a common idea, cause, or mission. At Or Ami music brings us together in worship, in celebration, in times of grief and mourning, in acts of kindness and justice, and so much more.

Music as Worship

Music has always held a sacred purpose throughout history.  The meaning of the text is expanded through the interaction of the words and song.  Or Ami's worship services access the majestic and the meditative spirit of our prayers while also uniting us to sing with one voice, as a community.  Our music reflects our memories of the past, and engages our community with current musical styles.  Our Rabbi's passion for composing new poetry and music helps build our pathway to the future.

Music as Healing

Music has the power to reach what otherwise is inaccessible.  From the sanctuary to the hospital room, we know that the sounds of music can promote healing and strength for those in need.  Even singing the beautiful healing prayer Mi Sheberach over the phone to someone who is ill can bring a welcome ability to just breathe deeply. Music relaxes our bodies and minds and enters the soul in a way words just cannot explain.  It is the hope that our music at Or Ami continues to bring healing and catharsis to those who are ill, and to those who are caring for them.

Music as Inspiration

We all have had the experience of being literally transported by music, elevated and inspired.  It is our hope that the music of Or Ami brings a deeper understanding of the work of our souls, and helps enrich our purpose to live fuller happier better lives.