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What is NFTY-MAR?

The North American Federation for Temple Youth-Mid Atlantic Region, more commonly known as NFTY-MAR, includes the states of Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina (but only above Raleigh!). Within MAR there are exists four sub-regions-the north south east and west. MAR’s mascot is Moisha the moose, and he is the best!

A moose? Names Moishe? Really?

moose crossing

Fear the Moose. Enough said.

Do you know what sub-region you are in?

OATY is in the South sub-region. For the record, it’s the best of teh sub-regions, has the most spirit, the friendliest people, and gets the craziest at TheVent (more later on that). In the South sub-region are AHATY, OATY, BeaCHY, OSTY, BESHTY, PARTY, BiTY, RALFTY, DRTY, SCOTTY, GREEN—TY, SHORTY, JeRAFTY (Beth Ahabah), SOPTY, and VYBS. Lots of Temples; lots of great friends ready to meet you.

MAR is a place where you can come to an event knowing no one, and before you know it, you will have a new best friend! MAR kids love making friends and meeting new people, so don’t be shy!