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Greetings Congregation Or Ami

July is the month that Or Ami begins its journey of spiritual and personal growth. It is the beginning of positive changes that will blend the enthusiasm and fresh ideas of our new rabbi with the many positive traditions of Or Ami. It is a forward direction that the new board and I are embracing with all our energy, so that we will continue to strengthen our Jewish family.

 Or Ami is a living representation of Torah, Avodah and G’milut Chasadim – living, because we are a diverse “people,” actively trying to do the right thing based on our Jewish values. The new board will be establishing goals for the upcoming year and figuring out the best ways of implementing them. I believe that of our strengths will combine and complement each other and allow us to be productive in a positive way, to benefit the congregation. We, the board, and the congregation will be supporting Rabbi Ahuva with her endeavors to support us.

For Or Ami to be productive means that all members need to be active participants in some way. Already our committees are working hard for the upcoming year. Steve Silbert, along with his committee, is busy streamlining and using technology to increase the ways that our needs can be met more efficiently . Erin Mahone, along with her committee, is already getting volunteers to work on the successful Chanukah Bazaar., Renee Gould and various committees are already planning our community-wide High Holy Day services, which will arrive sooner than you think.  All these holidays, activities, and events require members. Think of what your strengths and interests are and join in! There are so many areas to consider.

Having been a member of Or Ami for fifteen plus years, I have seen a lot of changes over the year. This will be a transition and growing year for all of us. I believe we need to use the words that were on a bracelet, which was a gift to my daughter after her cardiac arrest five years ago. These words, “Embrace the Journey,” have been her inspiration and hopefully they can be ours.   Let us move forward now and embrace OUR journey together!

Linda Heuser