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Values in Action

הִגִּיד לְךָ אָדָם מַה טּוֹב וּמָה יְהֹוָה דּוֹרֵשׁ מִמְּךָ כִּי אִם עֲשׂוֹת מִשְׁפָּט וְאַהֲבַת חֶסֶד וְהַצְנֵעַ לֶכֶת עִם אֱלֹהֶיךָ:

“…what is good, and what the Lord demands of you; but to do justice, to love loving-kindness, and to walk discreetly with your G-d.”
~Micah 6:8

We strive to make the world whole by participating in Tzedek, Social Justice Programs; Rachmanut, showing compassionate behavior to those in our temple community; and Kehillah, a sense of community beyond our walls to the greater Richmond community. 


Respect for one’s self and for others is the foundation of honor and the basis of integrity. A hallmark of Or Ami is to provide opportunities for open and engaging conversation on values that promote exploration of self-respect and respect for others. In this way we can strive to be kind to ourselves and to others.


Responsibility requires careful reflection on one’s moral obligations. Being responsible imposes an obligation to take action. It is not enough to sit and think – we must stand up and “walk discreetly with G-d”. Or Ami works hard to provide meaningful social justice outlets for our members and the greater community. Many of the efforts we undertake are detailed in this website.